Saturday, July 30, 2011

They Play a Big Role in My Life

hello readers,

So this is my last day here. Have been doing this post for some weeks and it's dedicated to all of my closest friends who have affected my life yet accompanied me these long. I should be very grateful for having them in my life. So, here they are.


Viona Adelia (14 March 1993)
This is Viona. She is a good girl, not like me. haha. She sat in front of me when we were in the First Year of Junior High School and sat next to me since Senior High School. I call her "adek" alth she is actually older than me. But who cares? :p She is, I mean, she was quiet and calm. But thanks God, after some years of being my friend, she has been a bit talkative. As you see, she's pretty. She has a sharp nose, slit eyes, white skin, like a Japanese's Doll. She's like my sister alrd, and tell you girl, I love you so much. I never feel bored when I sit or talk to you. Sometimes we were having stupid convo and laughing like crazy. No one understands, just us. haha. I bullied her sometimes and well, sorry for that. No hard feelings ok baby. Well, you are going to continue your study at Manchester, far....far....away from me. I feel so sad, to be honest. But again, life is a choice. I just hope we can still be friends, not just friends but seriously more than that. We used to take care of each other these long. Idk who will take care of you or who will take care of me later on. Also don't know who I can talk to or laugh with after this, but I do hope we will still be the same when we meet again.Well baby, I love you.

Carissa Clarence (9 October 1992)
This is Carissa Clarence, the Mak Jimbo. We were in the same class since JHS. We weren't very close at first until we created a dance group, named U-Know. Since that, I knew more about her and her personalities. As you can see, she's very fashionable and unique. She's moody, strict sometimes, annoying sometimes, to the point, childish sometimes, lazy all the time, kind, responsible, weird, single and yes, rich. haha. She's also a good chef and of course, a good servant. Peace! Well, the last one is a joke. I learned so many things from her and I loved bothering her. Waking her up by jumping in her bed, pinching her, hugging her, and so on. She's like a mom and a teddy bear for me. Really. For you to know, we are gg to the same country for our study, Singapore, which means that I will have more time to bully and bother you, baby. I'm happy for that. Lastly, thank you for everything, and see you there! mwah!

Wenny Tan (22 November 1992)
So here comes the selfish, stubborn, neat, clever, diligent, funny, dependable, moody, fierce, but lovely girl, Wenny. She sat next to me when JHS the first year and we always got in a fight almost everyday. This is simply bcs of the similarities between us; our behaviors, tempers, and unforgivable moods. haha. She's a good listener however. May say, I told her everything, anything. She always be there when I need her. Thankyou baby. However baby, I wanna tell you sth, some bad points about you. You must seriously STOP telling yourself and everybody that you are fat. Ohmy. You are not fat at all ok. Lemme tell you, you are a pretty girl with white skin, soft hair, reddish lips, great personalities and abilities, and yes, GREAT forehead. haha. You must start loving yourself, appreciate yourself, and be proud of who you are. I always helped you in dressing up these long and Idk who will help you after this, but find me when you need me. I'll be there anytime you want. I'll miss the time sleeping together in my room, watching DVDs and chatting till the morning comes, eating, SUDAKO-ing, BECAK-ing, and many more. *FYI, she's the girl who took me out for a trip by BECAK and SUDAKO for the very first time in my life. hahaha. That's cool yet unforgettable! I love you, candy. Mwahh!

Yovita Fanstina Tanisha (21 June 1993)
Dolly Fanstina Tanisha. I think that name suits you more sweetie. Well, she's the cutest, kindest, loveliest, chinchai-est, smartest, easy going-est girl I ever met in this entire world. haha. She has a sharp nose, slit eyes as Vio's, chubby face, and unique teeth, a doll. I knew her since JHS, the first year. She was so nice to me that time, to everyone actually and till know, she's still so. We joined U-Know and it makes us closer. She loved to eat, sleep, travel, and laugh. She's just sooo unique. Nothing much to say about her, she's too kind to be true. I love you so much honey. Longlast with your bf, Enrico Davny. You guys are succha great couple. I'll directly kick him back to Medan after I arrive there, promise. hahaha. I love you, sugar.

Kenny Pribadi (8 November 1992)
This is Kenny. As you can see, he's handsome, tall, and fat*. He's also a troublemaker! haha. Some ppl think that he's quiet but actually he ISN'T. He's very very talkative, peace. He's also an expert in playing badminton. He's one of my "best-boy-friends" (read it carefully). I know some ppl dislike him for some reasons, I ever did too, but well, nobody is perfect, isn't it? I try to tell him directly everything I dislike from him, and well, it works. He's funny, lazy, crazy, and well, quite romantic. Although he failed for several times in his relationship with some girls simply because of HIS OWN MISTAKES, deeply inside, he's actually a good guy. Well, you usually asked me to accompany you to buy something for your someone someone someone and someone these long. Birthday, V-day, W-day, everyDAY! (cckck, you are too rich). I wonder who will do that for you after I leave, bwhahaha. In conclusion, you must do some changes on yourself okay. Proof the world that you can be a better one. Do some corrections ok, bud. Friends forever, HORAS!!!

Wilson Kongadian (20 June 1993)
Funny, crazy, dirty, lazy, flirty, so many ---y. No words can actually describe this guy. He's the only one in this world. LIMITED EDITION. You can't get this guy at any store in this world. hahaha. I seriously have no much words to describe about you, WK. I'm simply happy for having you as my friends. I seriously can't stop laughing when you are with me. You are a good dancer but well, we'll stop dancing after this uh? T.T Whatta sad truth. Good luck with your study and your love. I'll miss you, weirrddoooooo! 

Tommy Tiopan (29 July 1993)
Well, this is Tommy, well known as Atek. He's funny, nice, care, talented, crazy, and weird. Just like Wilson, he's succha LIMITED EDITION-in a different edition. He joined U-Know some years later after it was formed  This guy has a very unpredictable personalities. I myself can hardly understand him. I feel very comfortable when I'm with him however, and I never know why. He's very humorist and humble. Every single word comes out from his mouth could change the condition into better, sweeter, and warmer. He's a good, I mean, a VERY GOOD dancer, and a VERY GOOD singer too. I adore him so much. He moved to Jakarta some months ago and I was crying like hell that time. I don't know how this weird boy could affect my life so much like this. I rarely cry for my friends, just to be honest, but this boy could successfully make me cry. I'm very happy for having you as my friend, bud. Good luck with your study there, will missya! 
(P.S : That bag belongs to me)

Randy Chai (16 June 1993)
Whatta handsome boy eh? haha. Yes, he is handsome, kind, calm, and sometimes stupid*. I knew him since JHS. I have nothing much to tell about this guy. He's just...a good guy with a very good personality. I sometimes told him my problems and yes, thank you for always giving me some logical opinions and rational advices, although I don't really agree with some of them, erm, sometimes. Good luck with your study, boy. And yes, your love. haha. Hope you will get a good one later. Don't forget to tell me when you get one, ok! SEE YOU!

Milyardi Salim (21 May 1993)
Hello, Bonk! Well, this is Milyardi. He's the kindest guy i ever met in this entirrreeeee world. He's tall, good looking, smart, kind (very very kind), gentle, responsible, funny, and dependable. He was my friend since Primary School actually but then he moved to another class when JHS until SHS. Just to be honest, he's the gentlest guy I ever met. Just for an example, I wonder why he never complains when I asked him to fetch me when I have no drivers while others always did, even sometimes he's the one who offers himself to. I never met a guy like this, seriously. I'm proud of you, Bonk. You really know how to act not as a boy, but as a man. Thanks for accompanying me and be my *driver for some days. hahaha, peace. I'll leave tomorrow and I do hope when I come back later, you will fetch me with "Nis-J" not "bicycle". wkwkwk. Anw, learn from your previous mistakes and do never repeat it anymore. Good luck with your study and have a good one! Don't forget to tell me when you have one ok!!!

Hillary (6 August 1993)
This is Hillary, the cute girl. She's very pretty, kind, calm, clever, patient, and friendly. I share my problems sometimes with her and so does she. I think we are having the same case, but the difference is, you still don't have any guts to get out of your problem. Don't trap yourself in this condition, baby. You need to find your own happiness. I just hope you can open up your mind and eyes, and all of your problems will be solved. I pray for the best baby. Keep in touch, good luck, and I love you, sweetie.

Virgo Wu (1 September 1993)
Hi Virgo. He was actually my friend since Kindergarden, haha. He's handsome, easy going, funny, smart, kind, friendly, and a hard worker. I'm very happy for having you as my friend, Go. Don't forget me ok, boy. Good luck with your study and longlast with Achua! Will miss ya!!! T.T


This is my baby, Leny. I knew her some years ago at Leini Lee. She's such a nice girl. He's very smart, pretty, talented, kind, and friendly. She's a great ballerina. She also has a great Mom. I adore you so much, baby. I do hope our friendship could last forever. Thanks, thanks for everything. You always be there when I need you, cheer me up, play with me, date me, and many more. Thanks for succha sweet memories you gave to me. I'll seriously miss you. Please, please visit me anytime you have time. Thanks for being my friend, my sister, my gf, my wife, my everything. Keep in touch ya baby. I LOVE YOU!!!

Nelson Yap
Crazy, impolite, stupid, best describe this guy. hahaha, joke. Well, this is Nelson, the mysterious guy. He said that he knew me since JHS, but to be honest, I don't remember anything. Peace. He checked my fb some weeks ago, read blog, and mentioned me on twitter. Since that, I knew him more. He's succha nice guy. He's wise (blah), friendly, kind, and funny. He's my junior when JHS, and to be honest again, I don't remember till he told me so. haha. Sorry for my bad memory, boy. Erm, he loves to bully me and I don't know why. Maybe it has been one of your hobby, eh? Anw junior, thanks for accompanying me for some weeks, thanks for always giving me advices and supports. I do appreciate them. I still have no idea why I feel like you are wiser than me however. blah. If you are asking me what changes do I want from you....., there's seriously nothing. You are really good enough as a boy. You care about ppl's feelings, that's your good point. I just hope that this senior-junior relationship could last long. Don't worry, I won't forget you for the second time, hahahah. Besides, I think I will need your advices and supports more than before, after I arrive there. Don't forget to study hard, harder. I am waiting for your good news about having a new bb ok. haha. oh yeah, one more. Could you please stop letting yourself being used by others? What I mean here is...stop just being a consultant for others, you need to have your own life, make your own story, boy. But don't stop being my consultant yeah. Take me as your forever-patient. I'm leaving tomorrow, will mention you on twitter after I get my new lappie and Wi-Fi connection. Good bye, Junior. :)

Wilson Agung Pratama
The boy with the golden voice, yes, this is Wilson. He's more like a brother to me than just a friend. I knew him from MMS, we were placed in the same class with the same vocal teacher as well. He's very kind, responsible, cute, funny, crazy, friendly, weird sometimes, calm sometimes, and he's a good singer. I love his voice SO DAMN MUCH. "Because of You" is the best song I ever heard from him. He always brought chicken burger and ice cream for me anytime I felt hungry. Thank you, bro. You understand me so well. haha. I'm leaving tomorrow, don't miss me ok. :p I'll miss you, your voice, your LUMIX, and your CANON, which had kissed the floor, bwahahah. Good luck with your study and your job, ok. Keep singing, and.....GOODBYE!

William JW
My another brother from another mother, William. Same with Wilson, we were in the same vocal class at MMS. He has a unique voice. He's tall, yes very tall, kind, *naughty, weird sometimes, crazy, and kind. We used to talk stupid things together and ended up with laughing. I'm very happy for having you as my friend yet brother. Time ticks so fast eh? It's like we just met yesterday. Well, study harder ok, and STOP smoking or I'll kill you after I come back here. Take a good care of your health. Goodbye, brottaaahhhh!

Julya Irawan
This is Julya, my sister from another mother, hahaha. Same with the two above, she's my friend from MMS. She's the youngest one. She's pretty eh? haha and I guess she's succha kitty lover. I took this picture from your fb, never mind uhhh? Well, she has a lovely voice and she's very fashionable. She's funny, cute, lovely, kind, crazy, and talented. You are just very unique in my eyes. I love you so much, sistaaaa. Good luck with your study and job, never give up!! Gonna miss yoouuu.....!

Melisa Gozali
My sister, my teacher, my consultant, my dictionary, my my my my everything. She's a friend from Leini Lee, and yes, she's older than me, hehe. In my eyes, she's smart, sweet, kind, talented, and funny sometimes. I feel so comfortable when I'm talking to her. What I wanna say is, thank you sista for being my sister these long. You are so great and so damn adorable. Don't worry, I'll take care of myself there and I'll give you a good news. Won't disappoint any of you here. You too take a good care of yourself ok. Don't eat too much INDOMIE, hahaha! I'll miss you so much, sista. Will text you after I arrive there. LOVEEE YOUUUUUU...............!

Jeffry Wibowo
Here comes the handsome boy, (hoekq) haha. This is Jeffry. He's kind, very tall, friendly, calm, funny sometimes, and he's succha great badminton player. Don't dare to challenge him, wkwk. Thank you boy for these days. You have transformed me from a 9 o'clock girl into a 2 o'clock girl. haha. But thank you, you successfully make me laugh all these days. Do appreciate it. Well, I'm leaving, but this is not the end of everything. I'm really happy for having you as my friend. You share, tell some of your problems to me, and I'm really touched. You must learn to face your problems and don't run from it. You are a good guy actually, I know, that's why you deserve someone good. Good luck with your study and your job. Do hope for the best. Have a good one and, good bye! :)

" Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!

~The End~

With tears and love,


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