Monday, May 2, 2011


hello mates,

I'm sitting like crazy at my room because I have nothing to do. I supposed to go to my school today to practice dancing for my school's graduation party the next two weeks after this, but my daddy didn't let me go. Yes, he blamed me when I told him so. He asked me to focus just on my future and spend more time at home, with my family remembering these are the last 3 months for me staying at my home town. I love dancing, I love my team, I love my school, but I also love my father. I wanna be a good girl for him. Disobey what he said will just bring bad effects for me, yes, ME. Just if my team could understand, sigh... :(

Talking about life, I'd like to share what kind of life I wish to, yet I want to have. Here,

This is where I'm gg to apply
 PSB Academy is one of the largest independent education and training institutions in Singapore, and it has international ties with prestigious universities from the UK and Australia. Supported by over 300 lecturers and around 200 staff, they teach around 50,000 students each year
Spending my time reading books or doing projects here
Having some convos with him or friends of mine or alone here
Awh, perfect match!
Taking this then go home, erm, I mean, the place I'm gg to stay,there
Moving to Ozy at the last Semester
Then get this SOON!
Then back to Singapore and apply here
Taking the pastry class for a year
This is damn AWESOME!

They are beautiful, aren't they? I am not saying I am good at baking cakes or plan to open a bakery shop or what, I wish to take this class for I remember, I'm a girl, and someday will be a woman for a man. I wish I could bake them for the one I loved, someday ♥. I believe every man wish for this type of woman, don't you guys?

Then again, get this, SOON!
The next stage is of course finding job. I don't actually know what and how my life will be after I have finished my study, what kind of job will I get or I apply for? What's me after this?

Maybe this?
or, this?
Or, what??  I don't know. But whatever I'll be later on, believe me, I want these SOON :
he comes to fulfill his promises
Having good times together, do whatever we were not able to do before, hanging out, CLD (candle light dinner), celebrating any special days, doing crazy things together, holding hands without any fears, do romantic things for me, share everything, well just anything we want to do.

awh! ♥
This is sooooo swweeeeettttt
holding hands each other
Then, the moment every couple waiting for, marriage.

begins with this
then thissss
the symbols
lived in a small peaceful garden house
having one or two children, not more than that, haha
and lived happily ever after
I know what I-want-to-have life's too sweet to be true, but don't be hypocrite, WHO can reject or WHO don't wish for this kind of life? These are what every single of us dreams about, included me. I just wish God read my blog and make all of these come true. *hoping*. I myself don't know whether I'm lucky enough to have this kind of life or not later, but if NO, at least, please don't make it too far from this, Father. But if YES, I'll be the happiest girl ever in world, and of course, THANKYOU!!!! I never dream to be a princessa like Kate Middleston, I don't ask for a rich man who can buy me anything, I don't ask for a big house with hundreds of servants inside, or whatsoever. I just want to live simply and happily with the one I loved. How do you think, readers? Same wishes, or?

Ok, enjoy reading people, goodnight.

With love,

Veronica Lim