Friday, July 8, 2011


Q: What's your ambition?
A: Being a good and successful daughter, girlfriend, woman, wife, and mom.

Q: Tell me about your love-life
A: Nothing's good about this. I dated a boy who...well, never understand me and keep thinking that he's the one who right. Never gave me a normal love-life story to tell about. Never tried to stand for me. Never took me out for a normal date. Never made me feel special. Never never and never. Too many never. He's also a friends-lover. He will do and give ANYthing for his friends. Time, money, or even his life. I don't understand why, but who cares anm. I'm tired with that. I suffered and tried to understand for years and I never get anything in return. I feel stupid sometimes and I really hate when ppl think that "I SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR HAVING HIM", "HE'S GOOD AND I'M BAD", "I PROTEST TOO MUCH", etc. Well, you guys have no idea about this. Just imagine that you were me, in my position. You can't be like others, never treated special even in a Valentine's day, your bf has no time to take you out but there's always a time for his friends, need to listen to all his problems and understand him but he never did so to you, lying, and..well, just tell me what should I be grateful for? However, past is the past. I don't even care anm. But for some of you out there, please shut up your mouth and stop judging If you don't know anything. You are not me. Note that.

Q: What type of boy do you like?
A: Let me think about this later. I'm not interested in boys right now. Just don't make me ilfeel. hehe.

Q: What do you think about Long Distance Relationship? Can you do that?
A: Weird. I can't do LDR. :)

Q: Write something about girls please. I need your ideas
A: erm, you have asked the wrong person. I'm not a normal girl. Not sweet, not calm, not romantic, and not good. I don't know how to explain, I'm just...different. Not as what as you think about. So, it's better for you to ask another girl. Sorry and Thank you.

Q: You will leave hometown soon. How do you feel? Share it on your blog
A: Of course sad, but..remembering this is for my future, I should be happy. A long way for me to go. I have lotsa ambitions and plans, I wanna meet new ppl, new cultures, new rules, new environment, new life-style, and so on. So, I'm feeling so excited too. Nano-nano. haha.

Thankyou for asking,



  1. honestly, i am currently having a kind of relationship like you had before. It's suffering, seriously. No romantic things on Vday, birthday and christmas but when I protest, he tells that I am too demanding. This relationship has been lasting for 4 years and I still endure this. However, I get used to it :)

  2. yes, i know how it feels. dying inside eh?
    if I could suggest, you better end it up. It will be useless in the end. trust me. :)