Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Last 23 Days


I'm listening to Why by 4 Minute, do you know this song? Succha a great song! How's your day readers? Fun? This morning as usual, I woke up at around 7, took my showah then prepared myself for my Cormotion Dance Class. This week is my second week learning some types of dancing. I also learn Belly Dance and Salsa. I feel so relieved when I dance. I must admit, dancing has been part of my life. I miss my Ballet so damn much. ahhhh. After that I went to Tabona to have my brunch with mom and her friends. They are so sooo sooo funny! They told me that they thought I was so arrogant at the first time we met, but this morning they said that they were wrong and they told me that I'm crazy yet funny. Haha, thanks the tantes for opening your eyes and thoughts. Yes, my behaviours are unforgivable I know sometimes. I hate noises and yells, so if you put me in such conditions, I will be very angry and I won't even talk to anyone. This is bad habit I know, I'll correct it. Peace. Then I and Mom fetched my sis and bro from Medan Musik and went to Ayam Penyet Jakarta. Eat again! On my way to my car, I met my friend, Wilson Agung Pratama. He's with hissssss.........ehm, friend. :p I was quite surprised actually.

After 10 minutes, I arrived at home then took a rest. Not long after that, my Mom asked me to dye her hair. I told her to wait till tomorrow bcs there are no plastic gloves left. But she couldn't wait anm and yes, she sacrificed my hand. See the photo below. I don't know what ppl will say about my hand but, who cares. haha.
pity hand, sobsob
I took my showah then dressed up. I was going to take my bro to Medan Music again. An hour to spend. Mom and I decided to go to Bistro 061. FYI, it's located at Ahmad Yani Street, inside the Iplug. The food is yummy and well-served. You should try it someday. :) Then I went home, turned my player, speaker, and lappie on, turned all lamps off, now I'm typing and singing like crazy. Yyyiihhhhaaaaa........

Well, here some photos to share:


Bistro's Fried Tape


Lovely one

Pretty Young Mom

Silly me, haha
Well readers, I'm going to take my showah and dress up again. Dad will take us for dinner. Yumyumyum! My appetite is unforgivable these days. I can't stop eating and I don't care. I just feel so happy when I'm eating. So, I'll catch you later. Cya!

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts"
~Charles Dickens~

With love,


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