Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderful Night

Look at this cute teddy. i bought it from Teddy House and it is dedicated to my little sista, Devina. Happy birthday, girl. May all of your dreams come true. *smooch*

And hey, look at this:
Ttaaaraaaaaaaa.............i made a small surprise for my mom. a hand writing greeting *oh, it's bad actually* , a present that I bought from Singapore and my sista, Velen bought a Tumbler from Starbucks for mommy. We put them all together on Mom's bed "I add a small smelly candle there" haha. it's Sssoooo romantic! And YAY!!! Mommy was so happy. Great night :)

oh ya, anw, i was so surprise. my boy asked me to accompany him to the pool tomorrow. HAHA, oh Jesus, i can't swim and i am going to make a "weird swimming style" if I swim tmrw. So, i reject it. I'll just watching him tmrw. I hate the smell of the water, i hate the sunshine, i hate everything about swimming. haha. But I'm so happy. At least, this night he successfully make me smile again after a great war between us bcs of that G*. well well well, time to sleep now. he is going to fetch me at 7 tmrw. Good night and Happy Wednesday world. =)


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