Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Day

Hi, readers. I just came back home. I went to Sun Plaza just now. Well, my daddy didn't let me go, but my mom did. Hehe. I went there with my younger brother, Vilkent Bradley Lim. He is so cute yet handsome. We talked so many things today. I don't understand, he's just 6 years old, but he is the only one who can understand me well,very well, more than anyone. He's so kind to me. He'll get angry if I use sexy dress, he'll pull me out from a shop when there are bad guys staring at me, he'll get angry if I keep BBM-ing anyone, he'll cry if I tell him I will continue my study in Singapore, he'll get jealous when I give more attentions to others, he'll give me a kiss when I fall asleep on his bed, he'll close the door and hug me if people make noises in front of my room, just like me, he hates noises. He'll give and do anything I want, he never hates me although sometimes I blame at him for no reasons, yes, my mood is unforgivable I know. He'll say sorry when he did sth wrong to me or even sometimes, I'm the one who did sth wrong to him, he'll still do that. He'll hold my hands when I feel cold or unwell. He's a very good boy, isn't he? He is the one who will never say NO when I need him. He's the one who can sit with me at the cafe and having cups of coffee together. He's the one who can't see my tears falling down.  He's just, my everything.  I teach him good things these longs; to be a good humble romantic guy, believing in God, loving his family, having good behavior, avoiding bad guys at school, etc. I just wish, he could be a good guy in the future. I also teach him not to believe any girls instead of me, my sister, and mom. I know this sounds too much, but I just want no one hurts him later. Just If, he's older than me, so I'm not the eldest child in this family, I'll be very happy then. At least, I have a good charming older brother who I can talk to when I have problems instead of solving everything myself like now. Or, how happy I am if he's from another family but he is mine, my bf. I still remember, a week before my birthday, he asked me what I want for my birthday, and I said I want that "blue doll". Suddenly, on my birthday he cried loudly and hugged me, then he said "Sorry, I don't buy any present for you today. No one wants to take me to Sun, and I don't have enough money to buy for you that doll. I feel so sad for I can 't buy anything for you. But I promise, I'll buy for you lots of presents someday, when I have lotta money, and I'll let you choose and buy anything you want that day. I promise. Happy Birthday..." You know what, I never teach him to be this kind to me, but I should be grateful for God has given me such a lovely brother like him. I love him more than anything. He's my only reason why it's so hard for me to leave this town. Who will spare his time for accompanying me just for a cup of coffee? Who will take care of him when his friends did sth bad to him at school? Who will buy him breakfast for him when there's nothing to eat at home? Who will help him to do art projects from school? Who will hold my hands and give me hugs or kisses when it's needed?

I don't know why, but these days I keep imagining how If I lost everyone in my life. sigh. Why life is so complicated. sigh sigh. Ok, here are some photos to share:

Vilkent loves Vero

ok, talk to you later people.

With love,

Veronica Lim


  1. wow,,its so great to hve a great bro like him :)

  2. haha. yes, he's my forever boyfriend. love him so much.