Monday, July 11, 2011

Be Grateful For What We Have

hello readers,

I'll take a chance to write about life this time.  But first of all, let me ask you, what is life? I believe this doesn't sound like a strange question to you. Of course we all know what is meant by the word "life", but how would you define it? Do all living things move? Do they all eat and breathe? Even though we all seem to know what is meant by saying that something is "alive", it's not very easy to describe what "life" is. It's almost as hard as describing where life came from.

We must admit that we, as people keep protesting for problems we have in our life. Some of us even blame ourselves for what has happened. We feel stressed, depressed, guilty, messy, useless, and hopeless. Even sometimes, we blame the mighty for what happened to us.  I confess, I did and felt so before. But guys, let us together put ourselves in two different point of view about this life.  Let me show you some photos.


Well, these are some examples. Exclusive dinner, expensive camera, shopping, newest stuffs, snacks, clubbing, and so on. Now, let's see and compare "our" life to "theirs".


I won't talk too much. I do hope these could answer and wake you up guys. Just remember, if you start thinking that your life is a mess, look down, there are still lots, LOTS of people who are unluckier and need our helps. Start from today, stop complaining, stop protesting, and...


Till there. Enjoy reading guys.

With love,



  1. The last picture of African is disgusting... Haha. A good post anyway. So inspiring :)