Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh, Jesus! I am so DAMN BORED!!! Well, today is the last day of 2010 and seems like I will pass it with NOTHING. Many things to tell actually but i just don't know where to start and how to tell. EEERRGGGHH!! Well, I just wish the coming year will be better. I hate to say this, but well, I HATE today. Other people are having fun out there. And me? sitting like crazy and do nothing. HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE!!!! oh GOSH, show some miracles. Make my day today. Amen.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Life

Hi, night. I was so sleepy now. *yawning*. I don't have any special thing to share today. I'm just soo happy this several days. Oh ya, my Mercy likes my Christmas Gift and I'm soooooo ah HAPPY! Hoammzzz..., I'm so sleepy now. Time to sleep. Good night people. Nighty night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve

Morning.. Yayyyy! Today is a Christmas Eve. <3 I hope EVERYthing will be great. Anw, here are some pictures to share.

I bought this ZARA's T-Shirt for my boy as a Christmas present. Hope he will like it. *praypraypray*

Then, I do some wrapping in order to make it looks GREAT.

I took "FERRERO ROCHER" box from my refrigerator and I put 2 layers of wrapping papers on the both side of the box.

Eerrrr...., not bad I guess.

Silver and Gold. My FAVORITE!!

Taraaaaa................FINISHED!!! hmm, any comments for this? :D

Ohhh hey! I need a Christmas Card! I just finished making it. Look:

Try to make the simple one. haha. not too good I guess. This is my first time making this type; Japan doll.

And Finally......................

MERRY CHRISTMAS my Fat Mercy!!!! *kissandhug*



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderful Night

Look at this cute teddy. i bought it from Teddy House and it is dedicated to my little sista, Devina. Happy birthday, girl. May all of your dreams come true. *smooch*

And hey, look at this:
Ttaaaraaaaaaaa.............i made a small surprise for my mom. a hand writing greeting *oh, it's bad actually* , a present that I bought from Singapore and my sista, Velen bought a Tumbler from Starbucks for mommy. We put them all together on Mom's bed "I add a small smelly candle there" haha. it's Sssoooo romantic! And YAY!!! Mommy was so happy. Great night :)

oh ya, anw, i was so surprise. my boy asked me to accompany him to the pool tomorrow. HAHA, oh Jesus, i can't swim and i am going to make a "weird swimming style" if I swim tmrw. So, i reject it. I'll just watching him tmrw. I hate the smell of the water, i hate the sunshine, i hate everything about swimming. haha. But I'm so happy. At least, this night he successfully make me smile again after a great war between us bcs of that G*. well well well, time to sleep now. he is going to fetch me at 7 tmrw. Good night and Happy Wednesday world. =)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Terrible morning

Well, hi. This is the first post to my blog. I had a terrible morning today. My boy totally ruined my mood. i don't understand his thinking and so doesn't  he. Well, u always right boy. Always. I am REALLY tired with this. So I think it's all up to you. I just don't care anm,ok.

I just came back from Singapore and u know what? I miss Medan so badly. So, I am going to have Medan's food today. Sate padang and Bakso *hhmmmm* nyyummyyy!! Then, I'll go to Sun. Tomorrow is Natalia Angkasa's birthday. Need to find a present for her. Oh ya, I'm going to watch Tron with my sista n brother too. Hope this activities could heal my mood.

Anw, today is a Mommy's day. I am going to make a little surprise tonight. Cake n small present are sweet enough I guess. Couldn't tell u how much i LOVE you, Mamah.

oh, BLACKOUT!! I'll continue it later. Bye..